Abuse and neglect are plaguing the lives of countless stray dogs. In developing countries, tragic circumstances like this one are more typical of the norm. Therefore, increasing the number of people who work to rescue dogs in dangerous situations is essential.

One female puppy named Piglet experienced physical abuse while roaming the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. Fortunately, she was rescued by a woman named Emma, who tended to her wounds. Piglet was in such bad shape that she had to be covered in bandages and wrapped in layers of blankets.

Despite experiencing abuse from bad people, Piglet still welcomed human hands. She was comfortable receiving care and warmth from a person. Piglet’s welcoming nature became more apparent when she met her foster parent. She had no trouble forming a bond with them.

The foster parent, Grace, was amazed by how well-adjusted Piglet was compared to other puppies. Despite being deaf and partially blind, Piglet was not hard to care for. Since she was easy to take care of, it wasn’t long before she got adopted permanently.

When Piglet met her adopters, she was immediately drawn to them. She had always been social towards people, but something was different about the way she acted that day. Piglet interacted with them as if she knew that they were her new owners.

Kit and Robyn, Piglet’s new owners, knew what they were getting into when they saw Piglet. They knew the dog’s background and the special care she needed from them. Despite knowing it would be challenging, the couple believed that adopting the puppy was in their best interest.

Piglet’s engaging personality is what her owners like most about her. To them, she’s an entertaining and quirky companion. Roadtrips with her are always fun and exciting. Without a doubt, she was perfect for them and vice versa.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.

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