There are countless talented dogs around the world. That’s why television networks make sure such dogs get the exposure they deserve. For example, here is one dog from South Korea who can memorize what objects are called.

It’s not common for a pet to bring you items that you need. Dogs can usually be trained to retrieve items like shoes and flip-flops. However, Haengbok can retrieve more than just a few items. He can retrieve over a hundred of them.

A filming crew visited Haengbok and his owner to see everything that he can do. Right off the bat, the crew was greeted by Haengbok, who was holding a digital thermometer. The owner also immediately showed off by asking the dog to retrieve a hand sanitizer from the crew’s vehicle.

The genius dog made a good first impression. The owner continued explaining to the crew about his dog’s exceptional talent. He claims that Haengbok knows how to identify 230 different items.

Haengbok’s training does not stop at identifying items. The owner said that he has recently been training him to identify letters as well. This means that Haengbook was learning how to read.

The filming crew wanted to put Haengbok to the test. The crew prepared four cards, each with different labels. Then, the owner asked Haengbok to retrieve each card based on the label. The claim proved to be true when the dog ended up retrieving every card correctly.

While his owner was being interviewed, Haenbok kept trying to get his attention. The filming crew was wondering if Haengbok wanted to show them something. So they followed him to a certain part of the house.

Haengbok led the crew to his dog house. There they discovered another dog which the crew assumed to be his partner. In a prior filming session, the crew already met Haengbok’s partner, which was Bokja. Therefore, they assumed that the dog they saw was her.

The owner said that Haengbok’s current partner is a different dog named Misuk. Not only is he a talented dog, but he also has a supportive partner living with him. The crew was convinced that he is a dog worthy of praise and admiration.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.

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