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When dogs become gravely ill, some owners decide to abandon them. This is because some owners cannot or will not pay for medical care. However, there is really no shortage of people who will do what is needed to preserve the life of dogs with terminal illnesses. This story exemplifies such a good deed.

Juneau is a husky suffering from respiratory insufficiency. When the GTS Husky rescue organization learned of the dog’s predicament, they took possession of her.

The dog’s owners desired for Juneau to die already, but the rescuers devised a means to free her from such a horrific belief.

During her time at the rescue facility, a woman named Mo became interested in Juneau. Mo volunteered to be the foster parent of the dog. She took Juneau in after her lung operation and she lived with her. It is a good thing because Juneau started to get the love and care that she deserved to get better.

Mo and her partner, Blake, have made every effort to ensure Juneau’s recovery. Mo even requested that Juneau be cared for while she was away on vacation. This was when the pair named Kristin and Johhny came into the picture to help out and become Juneau’s dogsitters.

The dogsitters fell head over heels for Juneau. They enjoyed having her around. And when the time came for Mo to retrieve Juneau, Kristin and Johnny chose to adopt her permanently. They celebrated Juneau’s adoption day by purchasing a cake for her and some toys from a pet store.

Juneau would not have survived this long without her rescuers. This surely shows that abandoning a dog is unnecessary. If medication is too expensive, it is prudent to seek assistance from rescue organizations and other groups that are willing to help out. There will always be folks prepared to sacrifice their all to ensure the survival of a lovely creature like Juneau.

Source: The Dodo

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