Mother dogs from puppy mills are often abandoned after their job is done. They started out in life under unfortunate circumstances, but it doesn’t have to be that way for the rest of their life. Many dogs saved from puppy mills are adopted by owners who can give them a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Allie is a mother dog who was so dejected that she refused to come out of her cage. Anyone visiting her at the animal shelter needs to be patient with her. Her depressed mental state results from being abandoned after being used and abused at a puppy mill.

A man named Joshua came around and adopted Allie. During the first few months with her new owner, Allie wouldn’t even wag her tail. After six months, she eventually learned to trust her new owners. At that point, Joshua knew that she was the perfect dog for him.

Allie never left Joshua’s side, so he felt it was only natural for him to bring the dog to his gym. Allie always accompanied Joshua whenever he was exercising. She greets the other gymgoers as well, and they adore her.

Allie never caused any trouble for Joshua. She would sit still and watch him as he performed his physical routines. The only time Allie needed to be tied was whenever she was near weights. This was more for her own safety than anything else.

Sometimes when Allie is not with Joshua, his gym buddies will ask him where she is. She tends to gain the adoration of people wherever she goes because she is well-mannered. Furthermore, Allie is just as loveable indoors as she is outdoors.

Allie doesn’t know how to fetch a ball or do any complex tricks. To some, that might be her flaw, but to Joshua, it doesn’t matter. The fact that Allie is so docile and doesn’t make the slightest noise is what makes her his ideal pet.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.

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