Not all pet owners can adopt two animals at the same time because it can be costly, and there will be a lot of adjustments needed. There are only a few people who are willing to adopt two dogs at the same time, and the man in this story happens to be one of them.

One day, a rescue and volunteer group was notified about a bunch of dogs left behind in a  house. The owners had left the house since it was to be foreclosed. The rescue group had to act immediately because all 13 dogs were going to be sold in the region’s dog meat trade.

Thankfully, they were successfully able to get a hold of the canines. The rescue group then brought the dogs to the veterinary clinic for proper treatment.

Two of the rescued dogs were Backpack and Toad who looked a lot like identical pitties. Inside the vet clinic, the rescuers saw how the two pitties were inseparable. They knew that it would be best if someone would adopt them together.

A year later, the rescue group found the perfect owner for the two pitties. He actually lived on the other side of the world so both Backpack and Toad flew to Los Angeles, California, to finally meet their dad named Jed Ballou.

As seen in the sweet video below, when Jed was about to meet the two dogs at the airport, he was a bit anxious. He described that moment as like meeting a newborn baby for the first time. Since he had two dogs waiting for him, he had double the excitement!

What really surprised Jed was how little Backpack, who didn’t trust people at once, went straight to him and started licking his ear. Then and there, he knew it was love!

Check out the two pups’ first encounter with their dad below!

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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