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Dogs can sometimes choose to give birth in unusual locations. It is difficult to understand why they do this. Some claim that dogs do not know when a place is dangerous for them and their puppies. Others believe that dogs intentionally do this to avoid humans who will take their puppies.

Kamee is an adorable dog who just gave birth. However, her owner has difficulty tracking down her puppies.

Every time Kamee is fed, she rushes off to another location. The owner does not know where her puppies are, but she assumes it is wherever Kamee heads off to after being given food.

TV network SBS TV did what they do best. They attached a camera to Kamee to track her movements. As it was tracked using GPS. They were hoping to solve the mystery of where Kamee goes off to.

Kamee always goes somewhere far. The owner assumed the puppies were concealed someplace in the mountains. However, the truth was somewhat more unexpected.

The dog’s puppies were in the backyard of the house. However, the exact location was far more complex.

The puppies were discovered in a fireplace beneath the guesthouse. To get there, one had to deal with a complex pathway that can be described as somewhat of a labyrinth. It has been a long time since there were guests so the fireplace was not in use.

The puppies must be retrieved from the area since the ash is dangerous to them. The structure’s complexity made the rescue difficult. The veterinarian had to place his stethoscope on the ground in order to hear the puppies’ sounds. Eventually, the vet zeroed up on the exact location.

The rescuers disassembled the floor and discovered the puppies. As expected, they were in poor condition.

They were soon recovered and taken to the clinic. Kamee was also there with her pups.

The puppies were checked properly and placed in an incubator. There, they were given fresh air to aid in the recovery of their respiratory system. Kamee also had to stay there to feed her puppies.

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

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