COVID-19 remains a concern despite the discovery and distribution of vaccines. It is still something to worry about particularly in most third-world nations like the Philippines. In addition to the virus itself, these nations have a multitude of other issues, such as a shortage of COVID-19 facilities.

Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo has been working continuously and risking her life in an effort to handle every conceivable crisis brought to the country by COVID-19. In March, the Philippines once again saw an increase in COVID-19 cases, just one year after the implementation of a nationwide lockdown.

Unfortunately for Robredo, the virus did not spare her personal circle. Robredo reported that one of her security workers tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks after the outbreak. The vice president then dropped everything and entered quarantine immediately.

In addition to the mental torment of awaiting the results of a swab test, the majority of persons who are under investigation or surveillance must contend with the loneliness that accompanies isolation. Robredo, who is renowned for her tight bond with her daughters, was forced to spend several days alone.

Robredo was only required to spend a week and a half in isolation, as opposed to two weeks. On the ninth day of her isolation, Robredo was informed that the result of her swab test was negative.

Robredo left her room immediately after receiving her results in order to celebrate. She did not, however, celebrate the positive test result. Interestingly, the day the results came out was also the birthday of their family dog, Rocco Robredo.

Even if the negative swab result was a cause for celebration, Robredo did not want to dampen the spirits of her pet dog. Instead, she celebrated Rocco’s birthday and spent time with her family after eight days apart. And most importantly, Leni Robredo’s dog had a great birthday!

Source: rappler

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