Dogs are well-known as energetic little creatures. They also get excited over things easily so that is why when something extra special happens, they can’t contain their happiness and excitement. One perfect example is a little French bulldog named Jude who lives in the UK.

Although the UK is not really known for having the best weather, it can get pretty hot there sometimes, especially during summer. And so on one fine day, Jude’s family thought of getting him his own mini pool for those super hot summer days.

As seen in the adorable video below, Jude loses his mind when he first sees his very own pool. His reaction says it all as if he is surprised and in disbelief that he can now go for a swim under the scorching sun. He runs round and round the pool, and pauses for a second.

With some encouragement from his owner, the short-legged pooch leaps into the water like a frog then bounces back out.

Yes, he did leap and jump out of the pool in just a second. He’s that fast! His owner looks at him and tells him to do it again. Jude then happily races around the pool again, and jumps back in and out of it as if he’s just bouncing on the surface of the water.

On Jude’s third lap, he jumps again into the pool, but this time he stays in while splashing water all around. After all the running he has done, it seems that he is learning to enjoy the feeling of cooling down in the cool water. But when his energy levels get recharged, he starts running again and playing in the water like there is no tomorrow.

Jude is such an adorable little French bulldog who has a zest for life and it’s so cute to see him enjoying his pool time. What a sweetheart!

See more of Jude’s excitement over his new pool in the video below.

Source: Rumble Viral via Youtube

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