One summer day, a rescue group known as the Arizona Humane Society received quite a strange call. A stray dog was trapped on the roof of someone’s house and it needed to be rescued. Although no one knew how the dog had climbed onto the roof, it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to get down by himself.

When a rescue group member named Andy and his team arrived at the said house where the pooch was trapped, the pit bull named Khan was indeed stuck on the roof. When Khan saw the rescue team coming, he was very excited with his tail wagging furiously in delight. Khan knew that they were there to rescue him.

As seen in the video, Khan jumps around gleefully, seemingly overjoyed that someone is finally taking him down the roof. As Andy gets closer to him, Khan even starts to lay down on the roof for a belly rub. He must’ve forgotten that they were rescuing him!

In no time, Andy and his team were able to get Khan down safely. And as soon as all his four paws touch the ground, Khan goes wild in excitement! He happily leaps up to his rescuers and licks every inch of their faces as his way of thanking them.

Andy and his team then brought Khan to the rescue center’s trauma hospital for a check-up. After seeing everything was fine with Khan, he was soon up for adoption.

Khan’s charming personality soon won over the heart of a woman named Lindsey Clark. According to Lindsey, the pittie is one happy canine who has a zest for life! He has also never once been seen stuck on a roof again.

We’re happy that Khan was saved from the roof and that he has also found such a lovely forever home.

Learn more about Khan’s rescue in the video below!

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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