We are all encouraged to become responsible travelers where we take nothing, leave nothing and keep nothing. But most of us must have secretly wished we could have brought back souvenirs that could help keep the memories and the stories more vivid and credible. However, what makes our trip more memorable and meaningful are the friendships we develop along the way, which are the best trophies we could keep.

Luckily for Taylor, her vacation to the island paradise of Bali, Indonesia, made both wishes possible. It was where she met her best friend. Then, with much effort and sacrifices, she was able to bring her home too!

Taylor first saw Stevie while driving around town, a tiny abandoned puppy whom she immediately felt a connection with. Coincidentally, her father’s death anniversary is looming when she found the poor furry baby, so she named her Stevie Nicks, in honor of her father’s favorite singer. She started planning on how to bring Stevie back to Colorado with her, and the possibility seems encouraging. That is until Stevie began to be sick.

Stevie was diagnosed with severe anemia and tick disease, which required daily medication. Unfortunately, Taylor’s scheduled flight home is just a few days away, and Stevie is not in any way ready for the long journey. But Taylor’s determination to bring Stevie home with her is so strong she found a way. She asked someone to take care of her sick dog while she went home and prepared Stevie’s trip to America.

After two weeks, Taylor went back to Bali and stayed for three months nursing back Stevie to good health. It was also enough time for Stevie to complete the required quarantine period for her to be permitted to travel to the USA. Taylor’s efforts and sacrifices are rewarded, and soon enough, they are both in Colorado hiking or simply cuddling on the couch.

The two are now inseparable, and Taylor could not imagine life without her furry friend. Their heart-warming story melts our hearts. Cheers to all the Taylors out there for making us hopeful and for fighting for all the Stevies of the world.

Credits to steviethebalidog

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