Tia, a single mother, and her 76-year-old father went off on a trip in July with no idea what they were in for. The two had been on the mountain for around three hours and were on their way down after completing their trek when they came upon a seriously injured Springer spaniel.

The dog was in poor shape, and his owners had left. Tia was well aware that if they left him there, he would die. So, Tia decided to carry the 55-pound dog and bring him home safely.

They documented their way home and uploaded this story on social media. Their YouTube channel even gained over 61,000 views since Tia’s interview with Pickler and Ben, an American daytime talk show.

The trek back into town was difficult, and Tia recalls pleading for assistance. At one point, they had to travel through snow, and they even missed the way. She considers this as one of the hardest things she has ever done in her life.

Tia is a gymnast and admits to having strong quadriceps, but the six-mile ride with a 55-pound dog took a toll on her body. Between hikes, she took a lot of time to relax, and after praying, she recalled feeling a divine intervention that made the weight feel less.

Tia immediately looked for the dog’s owner after reaching the end of the trek. She then discovered that the dog’s name is Boomer.

Boomer had been out on a stroll with his owners when he slipped and fell into a snow fissure. The unfortunate puppy rolled 200 feet after falling from a 100-foot ledge. The owners raced down the mountain to find him, but he was gone when they reached the bottom.

The owners were moving to Arizona. Their trek was supposed to be their final chance to see Boomer before they give him to his new owners, but Tia could not stop thinking about the adorable dog with whom she had grown so close.

After conversing with the dog’s owners, they decided that Boomer would be Tia’s new dog. Boomer is significantly better, although he still requires surgery to fix the broken bones from the incident.

Video credits to Pickler and Ben YouTube Channel.

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