A woman named Laurette Nicoll was taking a stroll in her yard when she saw a little dog jump over the fence. The animal was friendly and approached her instantly. It appeared to be seeking nothing more than attention.

Laurette became curious about the dog so she asked her neighbor and learned that the dog’s name is Georgia. She was a stray dog, but they permitted her to live with them temporarily. The neighbor then took the dog, carried her and brought her to their yard, but Laurette’s dog quickly followed. It seemed that they connected instantly, and the dog chose her as her family.

The third time Georgia trespassed into Laurette’s yard, she simply let the dog move in. Georgia felt immediately at peace in Laurette’s home. She fell asleep since she was so content with her surroundings.

Laurette approached her neighbor once more and asked if she could keep her. The neighbor gave his consent without any doubt.

Georgia seemed to recognize that she had found her home. She has never left her new fur mom since then. She was constantly by her side and was delighted to be with her.

Laurette was recuperating from ovarian cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She planned to ride a motorcycle as soon as she had fully recovered from her illness. As she worked on her driver’s license, she realized how much Georgia enjoys car rides and that she would be a great riding companion.

Georgia was overjoyed by her first ride. She hopped into the sidecar instantly and allowed her mother to fasten the seatbelt. She felt very confident when riding the motorcycle.

Laurette had no intention of adopting a dog, but Georgia sneaked into her property and forced her way inside. She now wants to spend more time outdoors as a result of having Georgia with her.

Source: Laurette and Georgia

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