A woman from the Philippines, named Jojo Dy, is a fur mommy to 60 dogs. She has a Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Bischon Frisse, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, and many other breeds. She can identify each one of them and knows their names by heart.

Jojo’s love for animals started when she was still a child. However, her mom was strict about not having pets at their home. So, from time to time, she and her siblings would sneak in some pets.

Several years later, when Jojo got a family of her own, her kids gifted her with a fantastic gift. The kids saved their allowance to buy an adorable dog for their mom. They named the dog Hailey, and Jojo was ecstatic to have her.

Hailey was a lovely and affectionate dog, and Jojo loved her so much. However, she died at the early age of six in 2011. Hailey’s passing left Jojo a heartbreak, and until now, her heart still aches whenever she thinks about losing her Hailey.

To help herself cope with the loss, she started adopting dogs, and now she has 60. According to Jojo, being a fur mommy is a huge responsibility, especially if you have a considerable quantity. Dogs need to be taken care of because, unlike men, you need to feed them as they can’t get their food on their own.

Jojo loves every dog she owns, and she pampers them. The dogs even have four nannies to look after them. Jojo doesn’t leave her house often, too, because she tends to worry about her fur babies whenever she is out.

When asked about what she gets from taking care of 60 dogs, Jojo’s answer is happiness. She said it might sound tiring to take care of so many dogs, but she does not feel tired at all. The dogs take away all the stress that she feels. She added that fur mommies should be devoted to what they do, and they should take care of their fur babies like their own children.

Photo credits to Matanglawin via YouTube.

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