Jojo Dy, a woman from the Philippines, was featured in a local documentary because of her love for dogs. She owns different breeds of dogs such as Shih Tzu, Poodle, Chihuahua, and Charles Cavalier. She has 60 dogs, and she loves all of them unconditionally.

Dy’s love for dogs led to a business opportunity, which she also loves to do. She became a pet couturier who dresses up dogs for special occasions and even for daily wear.

One of her clients is Pola, a charming Shih Tzu. Jojo created a blue turquoise gown for her birthday, and Pola looked like a princess on her special day.

Dy also created a set of dresses for three dogs to wear on their fur parents’ wedding day. The pets looked lovelier in high fashion that fits the special occasion.

Aside from pet couture, Dy also learned to groom pets. She needed to know how to groom because it would be too expensive to regularly bring all of her 60 dogs to the pet salon. So, she grooms them at home. Eventually, her friends and relatives started getting her to groom their pets, and soon more people began to contact her for pet grooming.

As a young child, Jojo was already a pet-lover, but her mom did not allow pets at their home. Her first dog came when she already has her children. Her kids brought a dog for her as a gift. She named her dog Hailey, and she loved her dearly.

However, Hailey passed away when she was only six. Her beloved dog’s passing brought her grief, which eventually led her to adopt dogs, and now, she already has 60 dogs. Jojo is surrounded with more love from dogs, which she also adores.

Taking care of several dogs is quite expensive. Jojo spends over $300 monthly for their food alone, not to mention their other needs such as regular visits to the vets or their pet shampoos and body washes. Luckily, Jojo’s love for dogs led her to create adorable pet dresses and pet grooming, which also added an income source that she could use for her pet’s expenses.

Photo credits to Jojo Dy Pet Couture via Facebook.

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