A young child from a tiny town in India was playing outside when he discovered a dog that had been hurt. He ran back home and told his father about the animal. He asked him to call for help because he knew the animal was in pain, and fortunately, the father knew to contact Animal Aid Unlimited.

As soon as the organization had received the call, a team of medical responders leaped in their van and rushed to the location that was given to them. Once they arrived, the youngster directed them to the dog. He waited until he was certain the animal was secure before approaching it.

The dog, named Jitu, hid in a tight spot in a building’s vicinity. Sand mounds, wooden sticks, and hollow bricks encircled the location. It was nighttime, but the rescuers could see that his legs were injured and swollen.

The area was so small that only one of the responders was able to get close. He then wrapped the dog in a blanket and carefully picked him up. Immediately after walking him to the van, he went straight to the hospital.

At the hospital, the veterinarians discovered a string securely wrapped around his left front and hind legs. It restricted blood flow, and doctors feared that his legs had already become necrotic. They needed to briefly sedate him before severing the cords.

The rescuers washed and cleansed the dog’s wound and wrapped his legs with compression bandages to decrease the swelling.

The dog was given help so that he could practice using his legs. Soon, he was ready for his first stroll. He hobbled around, but was relieved to finally be able to move around.

He endured excruciating discomfort for weeks. Every step he took and every movement he made caused him discomfort. This dog, however, refused to be defeated and courageously navigated his surroundings.

Jitu is alive because a clever young boy discovered him. He can enjoy life for a long time because of him.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India

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